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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fairer Quality Score Improvements

Google has launched the two Quality Score amendments which I wrote in my earlier post. This improvement paves way to assess accurate quality of ads and an opportunity for your adcopies to reach the yellow region.

I have summarized below all the recent quality score updates.

1)Removal of adposition criteria while figuring out the CTR.

2)Enabling adcopies to jump above another ad copy having low QS to get displayed in the yellow area above the search results.

3) Dynamic Quality score replaces static Quality score.

The ads will be evaluated each time it appears on google search network. This very much depends on the geographic location where the adcopies are served. Ads are most likely to appear when they are relevant and may not appear when they are not relevant.

4)No "inactive for search" status for keywords.

You will not witness "inactive for search" status in Adwords account anymore. The keywords which were labelled as "inactive for search" may not trigger your adcopies since the quality threshold is low.

5)Minimum bid is replaced with "First page bid."

There won't be minimum bid for keywords hereafter. "First page bid" takes the place of minimum bid and it is just an estimate of keyword bid that is required to list you in the firstpage. Please note that the "First page bid" is based on exact match.

Value added Changes win the trust of customers. Google has understood this concept better than any one.

Win More Customers with Broad Match Keywords

Broad match keywords would fetch more prospects to your website. Setting your prime keywords as broad match will trigger your ads for relevant queries as well as irrelevant queries.

Adequate care has to be taken to handle the phenomenal broad match by blocking the unnecessary queries using negative keywords. But the best thing about broad match keywords are; you can take advantage of the extraordinary mileage it renders in the form of displaying your adcopies for keyword expansions that constitute synonyms of keywords, singular forms of keywords, plural forms of keywords, exact match and broad match of keywords.

You have every chance to spend more on the broad match keyword since it would trigger all the variations of the keyword. Even then, you have a golden opportunity to win more and more customers. I would suggest you to make best use of the "search query performance" reports to find the actual keywords that are being triggered for broad match keywords. If you find keywords that ares not at all relevant to your business then immediately block those keywords using negative keywords.

Google has recently bettered the "search query performance" reports in finer ways. Earlier google used to show certain number of queries below "other unique queries." This was actually an obstruction to find out "what was the actual query that triggered the adcopy." The recent changes has minimized the number of queries that will be shown under "other unique queries". I sincerely appreciate the changes made to the "search query performance" reports.

Hail Google!!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Quality Score Improvements Changes the way QS is Calculated

Google plans to bring in two amendments to Quality score calculation.

The first amendment helps judging the accurate quality of adcopies and the second amendment is an improvement in how they promote adcopies to top positions.

Once they introduce these changes the Quality score calculation will be much fairer.

The reason why I say that the QS calculation will be much fairer in the coming days is due to the removal of adposition criteria while figuring out the CTR. Google is going to remove completely the advantage of ad positions which a plays a key role in increasing the CTR simply because they are positioned in top of google SERPs. These modifications will ascertain ads competing for positions based on its quality and bid.

The second amendment enables adcopies to jump above another ad copy having low QS to get displayed in the yellow area above the search results. This was not possible earlier, if an ad postioned number 1 in the right hand side of the page do not carry the required QS to be shown in the yellow region, then any other ads displayed below having high quality thresholds weren't be able to jump above the first one to reach the yellow region.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Placement Targeted Feature in Keyword Targeted Content Network

Google has included Placement targeted feature in Keyword targeted content network.

This feature means a lot to the advertisers. The benefits include saving time in creation of placement targeted campaign and on top of that advertisers willing to target a specific site can easily go that in the content network of a keyword targeted campaign.

Earlier this feature was unavailable to google advertisers. As an advertiser I wanted to target a specific site through keyword targeted content network rather than creating a placement targeted campaign and targeting specific websites. It would be a dull process for me to check the clicks and conversions by going into the campaign, now I can save time, you know.

Today morning I added couple of websites through Keyword targeted content network. I selected an Adgroup for this, clicked on the Adgroup, by default I was taken to placement targted tab/page. I had selected all languages for the whole campaign earlier, the message displayed guided me to opt for the languages supported in placement targeted network. I selected just English language in the campaign settings, in jiffy the placement targeted setting page came in front of me. I chose few sites to be targeted, entered a bid and clicked on save button. Immediately I saw the websites chosen in the placement targeted tab/page.

Google Explains here:Use keywords and placements together on the content network

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How to track exact value of sales occurring through Adwords ads?

Chat InformationRead the chat script given below with regards to tracking exact value of sales occurring through Adwords ads?

Thank you for contacting Google AdWords. Please hold a moment while we route your chat to a specialist who will help you with your question: "How to track exact value of sales occured through Adwords ads? ".

Chat InformationBinny M has received your message and will be right with you.
Binny M: Hello Kamal. Thanks for contacting Google AdWords. I'm happy to help you.
KamalChandran: "How to track exact value of sales occured through Adwords ads?"
KamalChandran: I know conversion tracking code facilitates knowing of conversions happened through Adwords
Binny M: I am happy to help you with tracking sales that you receive through your AdWords ads.
KamalChandran: I am also aware that we can set the sales value in the conversion code
KamalChandran: We are selling many products through our website
KamalChandran: I want to know the exact value of sales
KamalChandran: Is this possible?
Binny M: Kamal, it is possible to track your sales received through AdWords ads.
KamalChandran: can you elaborate?
Binny M: You can do it by conversion tracking or you can also use Google Analytics to know your user behavior in detail.
KamalChandran: Hello Binny, please read my comments at the start of the conversation
KamalChandran: My question is " Is there any way to track the exact sales value through Adwords?"
Binny M: Yes, Kamal.
KamalChandran: Pls convey the answer
Binny M: I'm sorry for the delay in response. Would you mind waiting while I find relevant information for you, Kamal?
KamalChandran: np
KamalChandran: I will wait
KamalChandran: Have you understood my question correctly, Binny
KamalChandran: Are you there?
Binny M: Yes, Kamal.
Binny M: I'm sorry for the late reply.
Binny M: For account verification purposes, can you please give me your customer ID number?
KamalChandran: Customer ID: 507-687-3258
Binny M: Thanks for the information. Would you mind waiting a moment while I pull up your account?
KamalChandran: why do you want to pull my account info. Is that related to the question I asked?
Binny M: Kamal, that would help me assist you better.
KamalChandran: fine
Binny M: It may not be possible to know the exact value of sales. However, to help you measure how cost effective your ads are, we suggest conversion tracking. With conversion tracking, you can see conversions.
KamalChandran: We have already implemented the code, thaks for your info!
Binny M: I am happy to know that you are already using conversion tracking to track your conversions.
KamalChandran: Binny, will Adwords API come handy w.r.t to tracking sales value?
KamalChandran: Please gather the answer for this?
Binny M: Kamal, Google's AdWords API service lets developers design computer programs that interact directly with the AdWords platform.
Binny M: With these applications, advertisers and third-parties can more efficiently - and creatively - manage their large or complex AdWords accounts and campaigns.
Binny M: I'm sorry I may not be able to provide much information related to API.
Binny M: For more information, you can visit the API Help Center. I've provided you with the link below.
Binny M: AdWords API
KamalChandran: Thank you for your assistance
Binny M: You're welcome, Kamal.
Binny M: Kamal, I suggest you try Google Analytics to track your website.
KamalChandran: We are using GA Binny
Binny M: Great!
KamalChandran: and also ecommerce tracking code to track the transactions
KamalChandran: Ecommerce code do not separate transactions from organic and adwords.
Binny M: I see.
KamalChandran: no probs, thanks for your help
Binny M: You may visit the API Help Center for further assistance. In case you have further questions, you may also contact the Specialist team.
KamalChandran: sure Binny
KamalChandran: thanks
KamalChandran: take care
KamalChandran: Bye
Binny M: You're most welcome, Kamal.
Binny M: It was a pleasure chatting with you. If you have any more questions, please feel free to visit our Help Center. You can also print this chat transcript for your records. Have a great day.
Binny M: Bye!
Chat InformationThank you for contacting Google AdWords. Your chat session has ended. Click To Print

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Google Adwords Campaign Management

Google Adwords is a pay per click product from search engine giant Google.

There are two ways to get into Google search engine results pages. One way is by securing a place in organic listing through seach engine optimization(SEO). This could be a difficult task if you aim to get listed for high competition keywords within a few months of time. The easiest channel to get inside google search pages are 'Adwords,' it is a blessing to advertisers from the search engine giant Google. Not only you get a chance to advertise in Google SERPs but also in its Search partners sites and vast growing content network.

It takes only $5 to sign up Google Adwords. Are you worrying about the daily spend, no need to worry on that. There is no such daily spend needed to keep your account LIVE.

Are you curious to know how to set up your advertising campaign. I am sure you are:-) Please read the below guidelines.

Once you login inside the Adwords account you would witness a campaign summary page. Look out for a "create a new campaign". Near that there would be 'keyword targeted' and 'placement targeted' campaign options. Opting for 'keyword targeted' campaign will faciliate creation of campaigns targeting Google search and Google content network. Opting for 'keyword 'placement targeted' campaign will allow you to create campaigns targeting Google content network by choosing websites selectively.

Steps to create keyword targeted campaign:

1)Click on Create 'keyword targeted' campaign

2)Fill in the name of your campaign.

3)Name your Adgroup

4)Select your language

5)Select your location

6)Create yor Ad copy

7)Choose your keywords, don't miss to use the 'Want more?' option in the keyword tool

8)Specify your daily budget( don't worry about this, if you don't want to spend on any day just pause your campaign)

9)Input Maximum Cost-Per-Click(CPC) bid. Make use of the traffic estimator in this page to find out the possibilty of clicks you can receive by entering Max cpc & daily budget)

10)Click on the 'save button.'

The campaign is ready now. It is simple, right:-)

Similarly you can create your 'placement targeted' campaign by selecting the websites you would like to advertise on 'Google content network.'

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Google Adds Search Volume Column in Keyword Suggestion Tool

Google has added two new column to its keyword suggestion tool. Now users can view the search volume for the previous month and average search volume. These details are considered to be high level information for adwords account holders aswell as for search engine optimizers.

Benefits to Adwords Professional:
Valuable decisions can be made whether to add a keyword to the adwords campaign by checking for the search voulme data rendered by the google keyword suggestion tool.

Benefits to SEO:
Knowing the search volume of keywords can efficaciously help the SEOs to target keywords for their website apart from checking the keyword competiton.

It seems like you cannot keep google quiet for even a single day :-)

Google to Rollout Preroll and Postroll Ads on YouTube

Google is planning to release 'preroll' and 'postroll' ads on YouTube.

Google ads will run before and after YouTube video clips. Earlier google was hesitant to launch ads on YouTube webpages, now they have shown their maturity through their willingness to showcase ads on YouTube.

This is going to benefit companies who post videos on YouTube to reap money through Adsense program. Well Well! I know you have started grinning, don't miss out on any opportunity to make money.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Google's Double Serving Policy

Google doesn't permit advertisers to show more than one ad of the same company in the same search result page.

Google says the quality of results shown for a query will diminish if they display multiple ads of the same advertiser in the search result pages. In order to avoid low quality user experience Google has adopted this Double-Serving Policy.

Please do keep in mind that Google allows advertisers to create multiple adwords account containing the same business or keywords. If you want to seek an exception from the Double-Serving Policy email to

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Google Enforces Adwords Display URL Policy

Google adwords has announced the enforcement of Adwords display url policy. According to the new policy google Adwords advertisers are required to match the display url with its destination url.

If your destination url is your display url should also be The display url cannot be or

For every action there is a reaction, it can be postive or negative, Adwords display url policy has evoked positive responses from advertisers aswell as negative. The negative response has emerged in the form of cloaked urls. Google adbot would be receiving a page completely different from what human users are shown. Google is tuff to beat, it has got robust mechanism to track down cloaked urls, I am sure you agree with me.

Adwords Display URL Policy SEO Consultant India Website Optimization India

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Google Closing Down Pay-Per-Action Ads

Google has decided to close down the stutters on its Pay-Per-Action ads by the end of July month.

Pay-Per-Action ads will not be active from the start of August month. Please note that google can charge you for the conversions occuring after 30 days of click.

Google has taken this step because of its purchase of 'Performics affiliate network' owned by Double click. Google re-branded Performics affiliate network as "Google Affiliate Network." Advertisers and publishers willing to enroll in the new affiliate network launched by google can sign up here.

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Monday, June 30, 2008

Google Releases Adwords Editor 6.0

Google has released Adwords Editor 6.0 facilitating advertisers to make quick modifications to the Adwords account.

The new features in this release are bulk editing tools, exporting performance statistics, updation of minimum bids, support for CPC placement targeting and conversion optimizer.

Download Adwords Editor 6.0 here.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Free Google Traffic Estimator Tool

Hail the Google Traffic Estimator Tool for the kind of worthy traffic information it can provide you.

If you are thinking of adding new keywords to your Adwords account, the foremost question that can bother you is "how will my new keywords perform." Google has the answers for every question and they have got the answer for this too, not a surprise right. Yeah!

Traffic estimator tool can provide you indepth insights about "how the keywords will perform when added to the Adwords account." Have assembled the ready made traffic info this tool can provide you below.

1)Search volume of the keywords
2)Estimated Avg. CPC
3)Estimated Ad positions
4)Estimated clicks per day
5)Estimated cost per day

The inputs you would need to submit to the traffic estimator tool to get the traffic details are listed below.

Please enter one per line
2)Choose a currency
By default it will be in US dollars. If you would like to enter you Max cpc enter in the respective field or leave it blank. Google will provide you estimates based on their choice of CPC.
3)Choose daily budgetFiil in your daily budget or leave it blank.
4)Select targetingChoose you language and location to advertise your products. You have done the required work from your side, google will render you the traffic details I mentioned above.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yahoo to Show Google Adwords Ads!

Yahoo has struck a deal with google to display google adwords ads on in its search engine.

Google will supply "AdSense for search" and "AdSense for content" ads to Yahoo's U.S. and Canadian web properties. This deal is estimated to fetch Yahoo $800 million annual revenue opportunity. Yahoo president "Sue Decker" emphasized that this was largely about "the tail" – showing ads where Yahoo doesn't have inventory. It basically makes Google "backfill" for Yahoo.

Benefits for Consumers, Advertisers and Yahoo Publishers:

Consumers can have access to more relevant ads for their queries.

Advertisers can now hope to gain more traffic and conversions by having their ads on Yahoo network.

Yahoo! Publisher Network publishers are going to be benefitted a lot. They have a precious opportunity to make money by running google ads on their websites.

You have to wait for 3 and a half months time to see the LIVE action while the U.S. Department of Justice time will be reviewing the arrangement between Google and Yahoo.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

List of Automated Bid Management Softwares

Automated bid management softwares are designed to have control over your advertising expenditure. These bid management softwares provide greater insight about your ROI and can integrate well with web analytics tools.

Google Adwords API faciliates developer token which facilitates you to program internal bid management program.

Please find below couple of bid management softwares:

1)Atlas OnePoint

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Friday, June 13, 2008

The Invent of PPC Model

GoTo is the first search engine to introduce PPC (Pay Per Click)model in 1998. GoTo began generating revenue from the new patented technology. Advertisers can select their top keywords and then can bid for those keywords in a an auction style.

Overture took over GoTo and the PPC product was renamed as Overture PPC(Pay Per Click). The type of bidding Overture was allowing prompted the advertisers to end up in a bidding war. Advertisers can know how much their competitors are bidding for a particular keyword or keyword phrase while using the overture search suggestion tool. Knowing the bids of the competitors and to overtake them in the position advertisers bid more or equal to their competitors bid. Equal bidding was enough to take the customers ad position above the competitors ad. Now the big giant second only to google, purchased overture and renamed the PPC product as "Yahoo Search marketing."

With the acquisition of Yahoo the advertisers are no more able to know about the bidding of the competitors. Yahoo copied this feature from google PPC product called "Adwords." Google adwords was lauched on early 2002.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Types of Bidding Options in Google Adwords

I have listed below the different types of bidding options in google adwords.

1)Manual bidding -Max CPC bids
2)Conversion Optimizer New! --Max CPA bids
3)Budget Optimizer -No bids needed
4)Preferred cost bidding - Average CPC bids

1)Manual bidding -Max CPC bids

Using this option you would be able to set the highest price for each click. Google would not be charging you more than the set bid. If you like to have the maximum control over the bidding then use this option.

I am reminding you that position of the adcopies are decided by considering the Max cpc and the quality score.

2)Conversion Optimizer New! --Max CPA bids

You can set the highest price you want to pay for each conversion. For setting this up and running you should have had atleast 200 conversions in the last 30 days.

Do not forget to place the conversion tracking code in the "Thank you" pages.

Please note: Position preferences will be turned off.

3)Budget Optimizer -No bids needed

Budget optimizer requires no bids but a 30 day budget has to be set. Google will help you to get maximum clicks to your website.

Please note: Position preferences will be turned off.
No Adscheduling

4)Preferred cost bidding - Average CPC bids

In this option you can specify the average cpc willing to pay for each click.

Sign up for Google Adwords

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Google Offers $50 Credit to Set Up Adwords Account

You cannot keep google quiet even for a day. This has been success formulae of google so far.

Today I received an email from google announcing the $5o credit to start and experiment "google Adwords." The email also conveys the advertisers to link their adwords account with analytics account and better experience the mighty features.

I have copied and pasted the email which I received from google support team.

Get more from Google Analytics™ with Google AdWords™
Begin advertising today with a $50 special offer. Google


We'd like to show you how to get even more out of Google Analytics with the Google AdWords advertising program. With AdWords, you'll get additional reports in Analytics that will help you increase your traffic and conversions. Many Analytics customers already use AdWords everyday, with impressive results. But there's no need to take our word for it. We'd like to offer you $50 to experiment with AdWords risk-free.

The best part is, it's easy to advertise with Google.

To redeem your AdWords special offer and link your AdWords and Analytics accounts:
1. Visit
2. Click 'Start now,' and follow the instructions to setup your AdWords account
3. Log in to your AdWords account, and click 'My Account > Billing Preferences'
4. Enter the following 12-digit number in the 'Promotional Code' field: 121383866907
5. Click 'Continue' to finish entering your billing information, then click 'Save' and 'Activate'
6. Link your Google Analytics and AdWords accounts by following these instructions

Once your account has been credited with $50 worth of free AdWords advertising, check out our Conversion University website, or contact our Google Analytics Authorized Consultants for optimization tips. We're here to help you, so if you have any questions, just reply directly to this email.

The Google Analytics Team

*Promotional credit must be applied to a new AdWords account within 15 days of creating the account and is valid only for new Google AdWords customers with self-managed signup accounts. Advertisers will be charged for advertising that exceeds the promotional credit. Advertisers will need to suspend their ads if they do not wish to receive additional charges beyond the free credit amount. Subject to ad approval, valid registration and acceptance of the Google AdWords Program standard terms and conditions. The promotional credit is non-transferable and may not be sold or bartered. Offer may be revoked at any time for any reason by Google Inc. One promotional credit per customer. Advertisers in the US with self-managed signup accounts are subject to an activation fee of USD $5. Advertisers in Canada with self-managed signup accounts are subject to an activation fee of CAD $10. Offer valid for advertisers in the U.S. and Canada only. Void where restricted or prohibited by law. Expires 10/01/2008.

You have received this is email because you have opted-in to Google Analytics 'Special Offers'. If you do not wish to receive emails of this nature in the future, please follow the instructions located here.

Copyright 2008. Google is a trademark of Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View CA 94043. All other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How to Change Adwords Time Zone?

Thank you for contacting Google AdWords. Please hold a moment while we route your chat to a specialist who will help you with

your question: "Time Zone Change".
Archu has received your message and will be right with you.
Archu : Hello Kamal. Thanks for contacting Google AdWords. How may I help you today?
KamalChandran: Hello
KamalChandran: I would like to change analytics time zone.
Archu : OK.
KamalChandran: Currently the Aanalytics account time zone is (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time.
KamalChandran: I would like this to be changed to Bradford, United Kingdom time.
KamalChandran: Could me please guide me to do this?
Archu : Kamal, I wish to tell you that Analytics a separate product offered by Google and I being an AdWords specialist am not authorized to make any changes in the Analytics account.
KamalChandran: whom should I contact for this?
Archu : So in order to get it changes, you will need to write to as it can be done only internally.
Archu : Even you cannot change it.
KamalChandran: fine
KamalChandran: Can I change my Adwords time zone?
Archu : Is there anything else that I can help you with?
KamalChandran: yes, Can I change my Adwords time zone?
Archu : No.
Archu : In order to do that I will have to change it for you and it can be done only once.
KamalChandran: okay, you can change the time zone atleast once if I place request with you.
KamalChandran: Is that right?
Archu : yes.
Archu : Only once
KamalChandran: that is fine!
KamalChandran: how much time will take to change the time zone?
Archu : So I can change it right now but it take a couple of hours to get reflected in the reporting as the reporting pattern will change with the change in the time zone.
KamalChandran: okay Archu, I will get back to you for time zone change within a day.
Archu : Sure.
KamalChandran: till that time please do not make any changes.
Archu : I will be happy to help you.
Archu : I will not make any changes.
Archu : You can rest assure.
Archu : It was a pleasure chatting with you. If you have any more questions, please feel free to
visit our Help Center. You can also print this chat transcript for your records. Have a great day.
Archu : Bye!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Landing Page Load Time and Quality Score

Landing page load time is going to be an important factor while calculating quailty score. From the start of mid-June advertisers will have to speed up their landing page loading time.

It is really good to see google's constant effort to improve the quality of its service.

Web Analytics Consultant

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Advertise on YouTube

To advertise directly in YouTube without being an Adwords customer is a costly affair.

If you are not an Adwords advertiser simply sign up for adwords and make use of the offer extended to pay dead cheap while also getting your products or services advertised in YouTube.

This is a mammoth offer infact. Check the rates in YouTube for direct advertisement.

As an Adwords customer you can either opt for keyword targeted campaign or site targeted campaign to display your advertisement in YouTube. Please keep in mind that only content network provides you the service to advertise in YouTube.

More about advertisement on YouTube.

Refund for Invalid Clicks

Google monitors for any activity involving invalid clicks.

Google has a robust mechanism to prevent charge being made for any single invalid click. Even if google charge you for invalid clicks today and identify that those clicks are fraudulent clicks later, google immediately credits the charged amount back to account.

The details of refund of invalid clicks amount can be found in 'Advertising costs and adjustments' label portrayed in 'Billing summary page.'

Read more on 'how google detects invalid clicks'

When do Google Send Invoices?

Adwords advertisers would be receiving the invoice on the 4th business day of every new month.

Advertisers would be able to find the new invoice in the billing summary page. The payment accrued has to be paid within 15 days of invoice sent date. Failing to do so will end in termination of the adwords account of the advertiser.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

How can I Qualify for Monthly Invoicing?

Invoicing is an added advantage to adwords advertisers who want to make the payment at the end of each month.Payments are accepted by check or online payment.

There are some requirements before coming under invoicing facility. The advertisers must have a track record of spending a minimum of $1500 per month for at least three months. If you feel that you have spent $1500 per month for a period 3 months you can fill in the application form. After receiving the application google decides on its sole discretion to put you under monthly invoicing or not.

If google thinks that you are eligible for monthly invoicing then they would be sending you an email asking you to confirm your company information and billing details. You would be required to accept the terms and conditions stated in the email, by going so you will get transformed to a monthly invoicing eligible company from mere credit card billing.

Direct debit Payment

By opting for 'Direct debit' payment you authorize google to submit the charges incurred directly to your bank.

Google would then claim and withdraw the required amount from you bank; once the payment due reaches the required threshold.

Google Adwords Payment Options

Google Adwords advertisers have two options for making their payments, post pay and prepay.

Google lets you to accrue cost and collects the payment later in postpay.

Google takes payment prior to accrual of cost in prepay.

Google allows payment by credit card, debit card, direct debit, and bank transfer in both postpay and prepay.

More on Payment options.

Websites in Search Network and Content Network

The websites in search network include:

  1. AOL
  2. Netscape
  3. Netcenter
  4. EarthLink
  5. CompuServe
  7. At&T Worldnet

The websites in content network include:

  2. Lycos
  4. Infospace
  5. Reed Business
  11. All Adsense Websites

My Client Center(MCC) and its Purpose

My Client Center(MCC) is a robust tool for managing umpteen adwords account.

Creation of a My Client Center and linking multiple adwords account will bring all the accounts under one roof. Management of numerous adwords accounts is made easy with MCC.

In google's words "MCC is an 'umbrella' account with multiple AdWords accounts (a.k.a. 'managed accounts') linked to it.

Create an MCC account

What is Adwords API

Developers would be allowed to create applications that can directly interact with google adwords server. The developed application would facilitate management of huge google adwords accounts.

Below are some possible scenarios for which Adwords API can be used:

  • Automatic generation of keywords, ad copies, urls and custom reports
  • Adwords data integration with databases
To get started My Client Center account(MCC) is a must.

Benefits of Adwords Editor

Adwords editor is a free software provided for google adwords users.

Google adwords account holders would find this tool really handy to manage their large adwords campaigns. Using Adwords editor advertisers can download their existing campaign details to adwords editor by supplying the 'username' and 'password' of their respective accounts. After downloading the campaign information advertisers are able to do as many changes required to the campaigns within a short span of time. Once advertisers make the necessary changes they can simply click on the 'post' tab and automatically all the modifications made will be uploaded to the adwords account.

Download Adwords Editor

Quality Score Calculation

Quality score is calculated based on the CTR of the keywords, relevance of the adcopy to the keyword triggered, quality of the landing page, time taken for loading of the landing page and historical keyword performaces.

The higher the quality score the higher will be your adcopies position in google and google network.

Good, okay and poor are the three types of Quality score.

More on......... Quality score

Free Website Optimizer

After setting up the adwords conversion tracking code and creating perfect adcopies, targeting right keywords...I am not getting the desired conversions....what should I do now?

The answer for the above question or agony is Website Optimizer.

Website optimizer assists in testing changes in the web page in order to determine the way to maximize the conversions. You would be able to choose which part of the page to make the changes for running the experiment.

Few thing to know before you start the experiment:

1) Your test page

2) Your conversion page

3) The type of test you would require

A/B: Testing two completely different page
Multivariate: Testing different sections of the same page

We will try to explore more on multivariate testing:

1) Select the content to test

2) Create a content for the selected section

This is to check which variation of the content visitors prefer and head towards your conversion pages.

Buyers and Sellers Benefit from Google Checkout

Google checkout facilitates buyers to shop online in a secured and convenient manner.

It doesn't stop here, Google checkout helps merchants to process sales free of cost. That is, for every $1 spent on adwords by advertisers can result in free transaction worth $10. Google checkout can outplay paypal in terms of processing fee charge.

Advertisers are also allowed to display google checkout badges on the adcopies. Google checkout lowers abandonment of shopping cart and persuade shoppers to purchase.

Google Adwords FAQ

How much should I pay to have an adwords Account?

Just $5 to create your google adwords account.

Is there any daily spending limit for using google adwords?
Nah, no daily spending limit, you can spend money for targeted traffic whenever you wish. Keep your campaign in the pause mode when you do not wish to spend money.

What is a campaign?
Two types of campaigns can be created in google adwords. They are Keyword targeted and placement targeted campaigns.

Keyword targeted campaign, as the name suggests is related to bidding for keywords to advertise your products or services. Keyword targeted campaign consists of two kinds of network viz. search network and content network.

In Placement targeted network websites can be selected to run your advertisement. This campaign is in sharp contrast to the bidding of keywords in keyword targeted campaign. Placement targeted campaign is limited to content network only.

Generally a campaign consists of Adgroups; Adgroup contains keywords and adcopies.

How many campaigns can be created in an adwords account?
A maximum of 25 campaigns can be created in an adwords account.

How many adgroups can be created in a campaign?
A maximum of 100 adgroups can be created in a campaign.

How many adcopies can be made for an Adgroup?
A maximum of 50 adcopies can be created for an adgroup and it can be a combination of both contextual ads and image ads.

Google Adwords Standard Edition Features

Many products or services

Create campaigns for multiple products or services, each with many sets of keywords and ads.

Multiple ad formats
Create text ads, image ads, and other rich ad formats.

Advanced reporting
See a complete library of reports for all aspects of your account. Create custom reports to analyze your costs and return on investment.

Advanced targeting
Target customers in many regions at once.

Advanced cost control
Choose from many bidding options: keyword-specific bidding, content bidding, ad position preference, and more.

Advanced planning tools
Boost your campaign performance with advanced features like conversion tracking, the AdWords traffic estimator, and helpful variations and statistics from the Keyword Tool.

Placement targeting
Place your ads on the specific websites that appeal to your customers.

Google Adwords Starter Edition Features

Simplified sign-up process

Sign up with a minimized one-page form.

One product or service
Advertise a single product or service with one set of keywords and one or more ads.

Basic reporting
See a one-page overview of the impressions, clicks, and costs for your ads.

Basic targeting
Target customers in one specific region (like a single country or city).

Two Types of Google Adwords Accounts

Google AdWords consists of two different types of accounts namely Starter Edition and Standard Edition.

Starter edition is a simple advertising account. Using starter edition advertisers can advertise only a single product or service. Unlike standard edition starter edition doesn't contain adgroups, placement targeting option and other features.

Standard edition provides every possible advanced features to the advertisers.

Why should I sign up for Google Adwords?

Google is the number one search engine, there is not even an inch of doubt about it.

More than 70% of the people use google to find out information they are need. Advertisers would be willing to grab the attention of the potential people using google search engine.

There are only two ways available to reach out to the trillions of people. One is making the website slotted in search engine result pages using techniques of search engine optimization. If your keywords faces severe competitions from other website it is tuff to gain a slot in the first page of SERPs. Ofcourse your website can be brought up to the first page of google search engine, but it takes time to do that using search engine optimization.

Other way to reach out to the potential audience is through 'Adwords' an imperial product from google. Using Adwords could flood your website with potential visitors who can be converted to prospects and customers ultimately.

Opting for google adwords can give instant coverage for your website.

Sign up for google adwords;

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Managing Adwords & Google Advertising Professional Exam

Adwords is a majestic product from Google.

Adwords helps organisations to achieve the desired conversions by driving quality traffic to their websites. Managing Adwords accounts requires an unique skill set, this could be attained by passing the Google Advertising Professional Exam. Refer to the below stated link for more details on this.