Google 2008-05-04 | Google Adwords Consultant - Adwords Expert Chennai India - Kamal Chandran

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Advertise on YouTube

To advertise directly in YouTube without being an Adwords customer is a costly affair.

If you are not an Adwords advertiser simply sign up for adwords and make use of the offer extended to pay dead cheap while also getting your products or services advertised in YouTube.

This is a mammoth offer infact. Check the rates in YouTube for direct advertisement.

As an Adwords customer you can either opt for keyword targeted campaign or site targeted campaign to display your advertisement in YouTube. Please keep in mind that only content network provides you the service to advertise in YouTube.

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Refund for Invalid Clicks

Google monitors for any activity involving invalid clicks.

Google has a robust mechanism to prevent charge being made for any single invalid click. Even if google charge you for invalid clicks today and identify that those clicks are fraudulent clicks later, google immediately credits the charged amount back to account.

The details of refund of invalid clicks amount can be found in 'Advertising costs and adjustments' label portrayed in 'Billing summary page.'

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When do Google Send Invoices?

Adwords advertisers would be receiving the invoice on the 4th business day of every new month.

Advertisers would be able to find the new invoice in the billing summary page. The payment accrued has to be paid within 15 days of invoice sent date. Failing to do so will end in termination of the adwords account of the advertiser.