Google 2009-03-29 | Google Adwords Consultant - Adwords Expert Chennai India - Kamal Chandran

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Adwords New Interface Undergoes Beta Test

Google beta tests new adwords interface. The news interface carries more flexibility for managing the campaigns and supplies complete understanding of the performances of the campaigns.

New interface would certainly bring down the number of reports generated to look into the performance of the campaigns.This is because of the clear insights the new interface can facilitate to the campaign managers.

The planning and commitment shown by the Adwords team of the new interface plies in-depth information of the campaigns performance by just taking a casual look. Commendations to the whole Adwords team for presenting such a wonderful interface to billions of Adwords advertisers.

Below are the fantastic features of the new Adwords interface:

1) Performance graphs for every metrics available in Adwords
2) Clicking on Adgroups tab will portray the performance of Adgroups across all campaigns.
3) Setting tab renders details of the settings and editing options(Easy Edit Options).
4) Ads tab provides adcopies information(Easy Edit Options).
5) Keywords tab list all the keywords(Easy Edit Options).
6) Networks tab displays network info(Easy Edit Options).
7) Damn easy to change keywords bid in the new interface.

Heavy insights about the performace of the campaigns with easy edit choice would do a world of good for Adwords campaign managers. On the whole Advertisers intention of increasing the sales of products or services can be met if the features provided by the new interface is properly utilized.

In the initial stages of the beta testing the only selected US advertisers were given the opportunity to try the new interface. Recently Google has extended the opportunity to more US advertisers and also to advertisers in United Kingdom and Australia advertisers.

Any body willing to sign up to try the new interface irrespective of the location can fill in the Beta Sign up form.