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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Google Advertising Professional Exam Preparation

Google Adwords certification is a prestigious certification awarded by Google.

To adorn the GAP (Google Advertising Professional) status you have to clear the GAP exam conducted by Prometric. Clearing the examination alone is not enough to garland the GAP certificate, you are also required to spend a minumum of $1000 within 90 days of time after clearing the exam. My Client Centre (MCC) is mandatory to write the GAP exam. You would be asked to enter your MCC customer id while registering with Prometric.

Opening an MCC account is very simple, but please note that you have to sign up for an adwords account to open an MCC account. Opening an Adwords account is very easy, you just need to spend $5, no need to maintain any spend requirement after signing up for Adwords. Once you have signed up for Adwords click on the following link to sign up for MCC. Enter your user name and password into the respective boxes and that's it!! you have an MCC account now. Look out for your customer id on top right hand corner, copy it and render the same to Prometric to be eligible to write the GAP exam.

Now get fully prepared for the exam by accessing this link

The cost for writing the Adwords exam is $50, that is each time you take up the exam you have to pay $50(in case failure happens). You have to secure minimum of 75% marks to pass the exam. There would be little over 100 questions to answer with 1 hour and 30 minutes to think and choose your answers.

After you pass the examination you need to spend $1000 through your MCC account in 90 days time period. You can link the adwords accounts you maintain from your MCC account. After crossing the spend threshold of $1000 you would be witnessing the GAP certified logo in "Pro Centre"of your MCC account. Copy the url and head towards and submit your Google verification link. Your name would get stamped on as an Google Advertising Professional within seconds.

Google Adwords Certification Validity & Minimum Spend

Chat Correspondence with Adwords Representative

KamalChandran: I had passed the Google Advertising Professional exam on July 2006. I didn't spend $1000 through MCC account in order to receive the certification.

Anuradha R: Hello Kamal. Thanks for contacting Google AdWords. I'm happy to help you.

KamalChandran: Will I be able to get the certification, If I spend $1000 through my MCC account now.

KamalChandran: It is more than 2.5 years since I passed the GAP exam.

Anuradha R: The GAP certification is valid for 2 years, Kamal.

KamalChandran: please clarify on this in the best possible way!

KamalChandran: fine!

Anuradha R: So, if you have met the spend requirement, you can take the exam now.

Anuradha R: And become a GAP professional.

KamalChandran: your help file says "Build and maintain at least US$1,000 (or your local currency equivalent) total spend for your or your team's My Client Center account during the 90-day period. "

KamalChandran: In case I pass the exam now without spending $1000, should I manage and spend $1000 in an adwords account within 90 days of time?

Anuradha R: Yes.

Anuradha R: There are 2 requirements.

Anuradha R: One is the spend, for the last 90 days, and the other is a pass in the exam.

Anuradha R: Both have to be valid at the same time, then you will get the logo.

KamalChandran: Anuradha, I did clear the adwords exam way back in 2006 but did not spend $1000 through MCC account. Now I have a chance to spend $1000 in a single day!

Anuradha R: Your 2006 exam, will not be valid at this time.

KamalChandran: can I get the "certified logo" in my MCC account by linking it to my company adwords account.

Anuradha R: You will get the logo only if you meet both the criteria.

Anuradha R: I will give you a link with more information.

KamalChandran: that means within 2 years I should spend the $1000 to receive the certified logo. Am I right here?

Anuradha R: No you should spend the 1000 dollars over 90 days, concurrently.

Anuradha R: So the spend that is taken into account today for example, will be 90 days before today.

Anuradha R: I hope I have clarifired this.

Anuradha R: Please hold.

KamalChandran: sure.

Anuradha R: GAP requirements