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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Google Adds Search Volume Column in Keyword Suggestion Tool

Google has added two new column to its keyword suggestion tool. Now users can view the search volume for the previous month and average search volume. These details are considered to be high level information for adwords account holders aswell as for search engine optimizers.

Benefits to Adwords Professional:
Valuable decisions can be made whether to add a keyword to the adwords campaign by checking for the search voulme data rendered by the google keyword suggestion tool.

Benefits to SEO:
Knowing the search volume of keywords can efficaciously help the SEOs to target keywords for their website apart from checking the keyword competiton.

It seems like you cannot keep google quiet for even a single day :-)

Google to Rollout Preroll and Postroll Ads on YouTube

Google is planning to release 'preroll' and 'postroll' ads on YouTube.

Google ads will run before and after YouTube video clips. Earlier google was hesitant to launch ads on YouTube webpages, now they have shown their maturity through their willingness to showcase ads on YouTube.

This is going to benefit companies who post videos on YouTube to reap money through Adsense program. Well Well! I know you have started grinning, don't miss out on any opportunity to make money.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Google's Double Serving Policy

Google doesn't permit advertisers to show more than one ad of the same company in the same search result page.

Google says the quality of results shown for a query will diminish if they display multiple ads of the same advertiser in the search result pages. In order to avoid low quality user experience Google has adopted this Double-Serving Policy.

Please do keep in mind that Google allows advertisers to create multiple adwords account containing the same business or keywords. If you want to seek an exception from the Double-Serving Policy email to

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Google Enforces Adwords Display URL Policy

Google adwords has announced the enforcement of Adwords display url policy. According to the new policy google Adwords advertisers are required to match the display url with its destination url.

If your destination url is your display url should also be The display url cannot be or

For every action there is a reaction, it can be postive or negative, Adwords display url policy has evoked positive responses from advertisers aswell as negative. The negative response has emerged in the form of cloaked urls. Google adbot would be receiving a page completely different from what human users are shown. Google is tuff to beat, it has got robust mechanism to track down cloaked urls, I am sure you agree with me.

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