Google 2008-11-02 | Google Adwords Consultant - Adwords Expert Chennai India - Kamal Chandran

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Quality Score Improvements Changes the way QS is Calculated

Google plans to bring in two amendments to Quality score calculation.

The first amendment helps judging the accurate quality of adcopies and the second amendment is an improvement in how they promote adcopies to top positions.

Once they introduce these changes the Quality score calculation will be much fairer.

The reason why I say that the QS calculation will be much fairer in the coming days is due to the removal of adposition criteria while figuring out the CTR. Google is going to remove completely the advantage of ad positions which a plays a key role in increasing the CTR simply because they are positioned in top of google SERPs. These modifications will ascertain ads competing for positions based on its quality and bid.

The second amendment enables adcopies to jump above another ad copy having low QS to get displayed in the yellow area above the search results. This was not possible earlier, if an ad postioned number 1 in the right hand side of the page do not carry the required QS to be shown in the yellow region, then any other ads displayed below having high quality thresholds weren't be able to jump above the first one to reach the yellow region.