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Saturday, May 3, 2008

How can I Qualify for Monthly Invoicing?

Invoicing is an added advantage to adwords advertisers who want to make the payment at the end of each month.Payments are accepted by check or online payment.

There are some requirements before coming under invoicing facility. The advertisers must have a track record of spending a minimum of $1500 per month for at least three months. If you feel that you have spent $1500 per month for a period 3 months you can fill in the application form. After receiving the application google decides on its sole discretion to put you under monthly invoicing or not.

If google thinks that you are eligible for monthly invoicing then they would be sending you an email asking you to confirm your company information and billing details. You would be required to accept the terms and conditions stated in the email, by going so you will get transformed to a monthly invoicing eligible company from mere credit card billing.

Direct debit Payment

By opting for 'Direct debit' payment you authorize google to submit the charges incurred directly to your bank.

Google would then claim and withdraw the required amount from you bank; once the payment due reaches the required threshold.

Google Adwords Payment Options

Google Adwords advertisers have two options for making their payments, post pay and prepay.

Google lets you to accrue cost and collects the payment later in postpay.

Google takes payment prior to accrual of cost in prepay.

Google allows payment by credit card, debit card, direct debit, and bank transfer in both postpay and prepay.

More on Payment options.

Websites in Search Network and Content Network

The websites in search network include:

  1. AOL
  2. Netscape
  3. Netcenter
  4. EarthLink
  5. CompuServe
  7. At&T Worldnet

The websites in content network include:

  2. Lycos
  4. Infospace
  5. Reed Business
  11. All Adsense Websites

My Client Center(MCC) and its Purpose

My Client Center(MCC) is a robust tool for managing umpteen adwords account.

Creation of a My Client Center and linking multiple adwords account will bring all the accounts under one roof. Management of numerous adwords accounts is made easy with MCC.

In google's words "MCC is an 'umbrella' account with multiple AdWords accounts (a.k.a. 'managed accounts') linked to it.

Create an MCC account

What is Adwords API

Developers would be allowed to create applications that can directly interact with google adwords server. The developed application would facilitate management of huge google adwords accounts.

Below are some possible scenarios for which Adwords API can be used:

  • Automatic generation of keywords, ad copies, urls and custom reports
  • Adwords data integration with databases
To get started My Client Center account(MCC) is a must.

Benefits of Adwords Editor

Adwords editor is a free software provided for google adwords users.

Google adwords account holders would find this tool really handy to manage their large adwords campaigns. Using Adwords editor advertisers can download their existing campaign details to adwords editor by supplying the 'username' and 'password' of their respective accounts. After downloading the campaign information advertisers are able to do as many changes required to the campaigns within a short span of time. Once advertisers make the necessary changes they can simply click on the 'post' tab and automatically all the modifications made will be uploaded to the adwords account.

Download Adwords Editor

Quality Score Calculation

Quality score is calculated based on the CTR of the keywords, relevance of the adcopy to the keyword triggered, quality of the landing page, time taken for loading of the landing page and historical keyword performaces.

The higher the quality score the higher will be your adcopies position in google and google network.

Good, okay and poor are the three types of Quality score.

More on......... Quality score

Free Website Optimizer

After setting up the adwords conversion tracking code and creating perfect adcopies, targeting right keywords...I am not getting the desired conversions....what should I do now?

The answer for the above question or agony is Website Optimizer.

Website optimizer assists in testing changes in the web page in order to determine the way to maximize the conversions. You would be able to choose which part of the page to make the changes for running the experiment.

Few thing to know before you start the experiment:

1) Your test page

2) Your conversion page

3) The type of test you would require

A/B: Testing two completely different page
Multivariate: Testing different sections of the same page

We will try to explore more on multivariate testing:

1) Select the content to test

2) Create a content for the selected section

This is to check which variation of the content visitors prefer and head towards your conversion pages.

Buyers and Sellers Benefit from Google Checkout

Google checkout facilitates buyers to shop online in a secured and convenient manner.

It doesn't stop here, Google checkout helps merchants to process sales free of cost. That is, for every $1 spent on adwords by advertisers can result in free transaction worth $10. Google checkout can outplay paypal in terms of processing fee charge.

Advertisers are also allowed to display google checkout badges on the adcopies. Google checkout lowers abandonment of shopping cart and persuade shoppers to purchase.

Google Adwords FAQ

How much should I pay to have an adwords Account?

Just $5 to create your google adwords account.

Is there any daily spending limit for using google adwords?
Nah, no daily spending limit, you can spend money for targeted traffic whenever you wish. Keep your campaign in the pause mode when you do not wish to spend money.

What is a campaign?
Two types of campaigns can be created in google adwords. They are Keyword targeted and placement targeted campaigns.

Keyword targeted campaign, as the name suggests is related to bidding for keywords to advertise your products or services. Keyword targeted campaign consists of two kinds of network viz. search network and content network.

In Placement targeted network websites can be selected to run your advertisement. This campaign is in sharp contrast to the bidding of keywords in keyword targeted campaign. Placement targeted campaign is limited to content network only.

Generally a campaign consists of Adgroups; Adgroup contains keywords and adcopies.

How many campaigns can be created in an adwords account?
A maximum of 25 campaigns can be created in an adwords account.

How many adgroups can be created in a campaign?
A maximum of 100 adgroups can be created in a campaign.

How many adcopies can be made for an Adgroup?
A maximum of 50 adcopies can be created for an adgroup and it can be a combination of both contextual ads and image ads.

Google Adwords Standard Edition Features

Many products or services

Create campaigns for multiple products or services, each with many sets of keywords and ads.

Multiple ad formats
Create text ads, image ads, and other rich ad formats.

Advanced reporting
See a complete library of reports for all aspects of your account. Create custom reports to analyze your costs and return on investment.

Advanced targeting
Target customers in many regions at once.

Advanced cost control
Choose from many bidding options: keyword-specific bidding, content bidding, ad position preference, and more.

Advanced planning tools
Boost your campaign performance with advanced features like conversion tracking, the AdWords traffic estimator, and helpful variations and statistics from the Keyword Tool.

Placement targeting
Place your ads on the specific websites that appeal to your customers.

Google Adwords Starter Edition Features

Simplified sign-up process

Sign up with a minimized one-page form.

One product or service
Advertise a single product or service with one set of keywords and one or more ads.

Basic reporting
See a one-page overview of the impressions, clicks, and costs for your ads.

Basic targeting
Target customers in one specific region (like a single country or city).

Two Types of Google Adwords Accounts

Google AdWords consists of two different types of accounts namely Starter Edition and Standard Edition.

Starter edition is a simple advertising account. Using starter edition advertisers can advertise only a single product or service. Unlike standard edition starter edition doesn't contain adgroups, placement targeting option and other features.

Standard edition provides every possible advanced features to the advertisers.

Why should I sign up for Google Adwords?

Google is the number one search engine, there is not even an inch of doubt about it.

More than 70% of the people use google to find out information they are need. Advertisers would be willing to grab the attention of the potential people using google search engine.

There are only two ways available to reach out to the trillions of people. One is making the website slotted in search engine result pages using techniques of search engine optimization. If your keywords faces severe competitions from other website it is tuff to gain a slot in the first page of SERPs. Ofcourse your website can be brought up to the first page of google search engine, but it takes time to do that using search engine optimization.

Other way to reach out to the potential audience is through 'Adwords' an imperial product from google. Using Adwords could flood your website with potential visitors who can be converted to prospects and customers ultimately.

Opting for google adwords can give instant coverage for your website.

Sign up for google adwords;

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Managing Adwords & Google Advertising Professional Exam

Adwords is a majestic product from Google.

Adwords helps organisations to achieve the desired conversions by driving quality traffic to their websites. Managing Adwords accounts requires an unique skill set, this could be attained by passing the Google Advertising Professional Exam. Refer to the below stated link for more details on this.