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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Free Website Optimizer

After setting up the adwords conversion tracking code and creating perfect adcopies, targeting right keywords...I am not getting the desired conversions....what should I do now?

The answer for the above question or agony is Website Optimizer.

Website optimizer assists in testing changes in the web page in order to determine the way to maximize the conversions. You would be able to choose which part of the page to make the changes for running the experiment.

Few thing to know before you start the experiment:

1) Your test page

2) Your conversion page

3) The type of test you would require

A/B: Testing two completely different page
Multivariate: Testing different sections of the same page

We will try to explore more on multivariate testing:

1) Select the content to test

2) Create a content for the selected section

This is to check which variation of the content visitors prefer and head towards your conversion pages.