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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Google Adwords FAQ

How much should I pay to have an adwords Account?

Just $5 to create your google adwords account.

Is there any daily spending limit for using google adwords?
Nah, no daily spending limit, you can spend money for targeted traffic whenever you wish. Keep your campaign in the pause mode when you do not wish to spend money.

What is a campaign?
Two types of campaigns can be created in google adwords. They are Keyword targeted and placement targeted campaigns.

Keyword targeted campaign, as the name suggests is related to bidding for keywords to advertise your products or services. Keyword targeted campaign consists of two kinds of network viz. search network and content network.

In Placement targeted network websites can be selected to run your advertisement. This campaign is in sharp contrast to the bidding of keywords in keyword targeted campaign. Placement targeted campaign is limited to content network only.

Generally a campaign consists of Adgroups; Adgroup contains keywords and adcopies.

How many campaigns can be created in an adwords account?
A maximum of 25 campaigns can be created in an adwords account.

How many adgroups can be created in a campaign?
A maximum of 100 adgroups can be created in a campaign.

How many adcopies can be made for an Adgroup?
A maximum of 50 adcopies can be created for an adgroup and it can be a combination of both contextual ads and image ads.