Google 2009-05-03 | Google Adwords Consultant - Adwords Expert Chennai India - Kamal Chandran

Monday, May 4, 2009

Import Goals & Transactions to Adwords Account from Google Analytics Account

Adwords has added another feather to its cap by allowing advertisers to see Google analytics goals and transactions inside the Adwords account.

The new feature enables Adwords customers to measure the ROI more easily & accurately. To enjoy viewing the goals and transactions follow the below stated steps.

1) Login to Google Analytics account.
2) Click on "Edit Account and Data Sharing Settings"
3) Select a minimum of one option beneath 'Share my Google Analytics data'
4) Save the settings
5) Head over to "Google Adwords Conversion Tracking" page
6) Click on 'Link your Analytics goals and transactions'
7) Select the profiles form which you would like to import Goals or Transactions
8) Click "Link" button on the bottom of the page

Please note that your analytics data won't be immediately shown in the Adwords account, it may take up to two weeks to get reflected.

The best part of this feature is that you can easliy understand your Adwords performances by having the Goals and Transactions listed side by side in your conversion tracking page.