Google 2010-02-21 | Google Adwords Consultant - Adwords Expert Chennai India - Kamal Chandran

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Google Adwords Promo Code , Activation Fee & Limited Time / Expiration Date to Spend the Amount

You got a worthy promo code from Google for Adwords.. First of all Congrats for receiving this!

To spend the amount offered you ought to pay the activation fee $5 and please also note that you have to burn the amount in a limited time period. Lot of people do the mistake of spending a small sum daily, by doing this you may quickly reach the limited time period and never ever you will be able to spend the full offered amount.

So once you receive the coupon please spend the amount within 10 days of time to fully utilize the offer extended.

From the horse mouth (Google)
  • Once the promotion code amount is used up, we'll continue serving your ads and will start charging the form of payment you provided.
  • The promotion code does not apply to the activation fee.
  • An expiration date often applies, so keep in mind that you only have a certain amount of time to redeem your credit.