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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Google Adwords Product Extensions in Search Ads

Google Adwords have thrown open the gates to the Google base merchant center to get displayed in Search Ads.

Adwords advertisers can now capitalize on this opportunity to display product images from their Google base merchant center beneath Search ads.

For this the Adwords advertisers have to follow couple of simple steps. Advertisers have to specify their Adwords customer Id in their merchant center. After this step they will be seeing the product extensions link in their Adwords account. Clicking on the link will allow them to add the product images directly from the merchant center.

Please note that the advertisers would be charged for every click on their adcopy/the product images. Even then the chances of increasing the CTR and conversions are high.

As you all know increasing the CTR would well result in increasing the Quality score and ultimately in decrease in Avg. CPC.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Select the Keywords and See the Full of Keywords Enabled for Broad Match and Phrase Match Keywords

In my last post I wrote about the great Google decision to show off all the keywords that triggered ads for Broad match and Phrase match keywords in the Search Query Performance report..

Now there is yet another announcement from Google that would minimize the time taken to generate Search query performance report to check the list of keywords enabled for Broad match and Phrase match keywords. The new feature would allow advertisers to see the full list of keywords triggered for a Broad match or Phrase match keywords by selecting the keywords and clicking on 'See Search terms' and then again click 'Selected.' Advertisers can download the keywords in a report format and need not always go the report center to create Search query performance report.

Decisions to delete/pause/mark as negative/ w.r.t the keywords can be taken wisely and quickly.

Get Full List of Keywords Enabled for Broad Match & Phrase Match Keywords by Generating Search Query Performance Report

Being an Google Advertising Professional and having spent millions of dollars for my Clients Adwords account I frowned on Google's attitude for not disclosing the precise keywords enabled for Broad match and Phrase match keywords.

Google simply lables the keywords as "unique queries" in the Search query performance report. It was an event to celebrate on May 19 when Google decided to show all the keywords that triggered ads for Broad match and Phrase match keywords. Google whacked out the label "Unique Queries" and presented the advertisers a granular insight by rendering them the full list of queries.

Now the Adwords campaign managers can make use of the transparent view and see their full list of keywords enabled by generating Search Query Performance report. I appreciate the transparency bestowed by Google to advertisers thereby facilitating them to spend every dime in potential keywords.

Reference URL:

Monday, May 4, 2009

Import Goals & Transactions to Adwords Account from Google Analytics Account

Adwords has added another feather to its cap by allowing advertisers to see Google analytics goals and transactions inside the Adwords account.

The new feature enables Adwords customers to measure the ROI more easily & accurately. To enjoy viewing the goals and transactions follow the below stated steps.

1) Login to Google Analytics account.
2) Click on "Edit Account and Data Sharing Settings"
3) Select a minimum of one option beneath 'Share my Google Analytics data'
4) Save the settings
5) Head over to "Google Adwords Conversion Tracking" page
6) Click on 'Link your Analytics goals and transactions'
7) Select the profiles form which you would like to import Goals or Transactions
8) Click "Link" button on the bottom of the page

Please note that your analytics data won't be immediately shown in the Adwords account, it may take up to two weeks to get reflected.

The best part of this feature is that you can easliy understand your Adwords performances by having the Goals and Transactions listed side by side in your conversion tracking page.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Free PPC Landing Pages Finder Tool- Google Search-based Keyword Tool

Choosing and setting the right landing pages for the PPC keywords is highly indispensable for obtaining more customers and enhancing Adwords Quality score.

All the keyword suggestion tools out there in the market have got the capacity to produce the keywords with high search volume. Even then you are required to do some extra bit of work while handling PPC marketing. The extra work is to find the relevant landing pages for the keywords. Incorrecly identified and set landing pages would only lead to higher customer attrition rate and end up in a low Quality score.

The introduction of Google Search-based keyword tool wipes away all the worries encountered while attempting to find right landing pages for the keywords selected. Just input the website URL in the Search-based keyword tool it will gift you the high search volume keywords picked from your website content and adjacent to eack keywohds it would show you the landing pages that can be targeted for the keywords.

Initially this tool was available only to US and UK. Only April 21st 2009 the usage of Search-based keyword tool was made available in the following countries viz. Australia, Canada, China, Japan, and New Zealand. Below are some of the new features announced.

1)Filter results according to countries and language.
2)Filter by Ad Share and Search Share,.

Link to Search-based Keyword tool.

Search-based keywords tool is helpful even to non-Adwords advertisers.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Adwords New Interface Undergoes Beta Test

Google beta tests new adwords interface. The news interface carries more flexibility for managing the campaigns and supplies complete understanding of the performances of the campaigns.

New interface would certainly bring down the number of reports generated to look into the performance of the campaigns.This is because of the clear insights the new interface can facilitate to the campaign managers.

The planning and commitment shown by the Adwords team of the new interface plies in-depth information of the campaigns performance by just taking a casual look. Commendations to the whole Adwords team for presenting such a wonderful interface to billions of Adwords advertisers.

Below are the fantastic features of the new Adwords interface:

1) Performance graphs for every metrics available in Adwords
2) Clicking on Adgroups tab will portray the performance of Adgroups across all campaigns.
3) Setting tab renders details of the settings and editing options(Easy Edit Options).
4) Ads tab provides adcopies information(Easy Edit Options).
5) Keywords tab list all the keywords(Easy Edit Options).
6) Networks tab displays network info(Easy Edit Options).
7) Damn easy to change keywords bid in the new interface.

Heavy insights about the performace of the campaigns with easy edit choice would do a world of good for Adwords campaign managers. On the whole Advertisers intention of increasing the sales of products or services can be met if the features provided by the new interface is properly utilized.

In the initial stages of the beta testing the only selected US advertisers were given the opportunity to try the new interface. Recently Google has extended the opportunity to more US advertisers and also to advertisers in United Kingdom and Australia advertisers.

Any body willing to sign up to try the new interface irrespective of the location can fill in the Beta Sign up form.

Monday, March 9, 2009

New Expandable Ad Formats in Content Network

Google Adwords beta test expandable ad formats for Content network. These ads can expand double the size of the original ads thereby rendering the users with a wonderful experience.

Users need to click on the ads to expand it or contract it. Helps Adsense publishers to enagage visitors for more time. At present the feature is only available for U.S. advertisers taking part in Google's 3rd Party Ad Serving program.

Free St. Patrick's Day Templates in Adwords

Yet another ready made holiday template available in Adwords after Valentine's Day and President's Day templates. This time it is St. Patrick's Day ad templates and it is available under the seasonal category of display ad builder.

Try this template to improve your conversions in content network.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Only One Top Level Domain for a Single Adgroup- Display URL Policy Changes Feb 2009

Google once again changes its display URL policy.

Google has restricted Adwords advertisers to have not more than one top level domain in a single Adgroup. Having multiple domains as display urls in one adgroups are not allowed from Feb 24. Please make changes to your Adgroups display urls if you have more than one domain set as display url. Failing to change would result in your ads getting dispproved.

Allowed URLs:

Prohibited URLs:

To enable your ads to run without any distruption please make the changes that comply with the Adwords display url today itself!

Read the complete post here.

Seven New Adwords Help Videos

Google launches seven new videos on popular Adwords topics. Click on the topics to view the Adwords Videos.

These videos imparts step by step instructions to make use of the offered features.

Reference URL:

Create Free Image Ads using Display Ad builder

Creating Image Ads for Google content network was never an easy tasks until few months back.

With the launch of Display Ad builder an Adwords representative need not be depended on a web designer anymore to get the image ads! Image ads can be created very easily using display ad builder tool. The advent of Ad builder not only facilitates creation of high quality image ads very quickly but also saves time of web designers who creates Image ads for Google Adwords.

Even ready made templates have started to roll out from Google's rich database. At present Valentines day and Presidents day ready made templates are available.

You can find the Display Ad builder link under Ad variations tab of your Adgroups.

Here is a complete tutorial for creating Image Ads.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Google Adwords Budget

In one of the enquiries for PPC campaign management there was a strange question engrossed; what should be my Adwords budget?

I would like to shed some light on this question..

You go to a market with $200 in hand where every stuff is fixed priced in that market. While returning from the market you can get only $200 worth of products. Hence the budget is depended on the products you purchase.

PPC products like Google Adwords works in a similar way, ie, you need to purchase the keywords and the cost of the keywords varies from keyword to keyword. As there is no minimum spend requirement in Google Adwords you can pause the campaign at any time you want or enable Adsheduling to receive traffic only for a particular time period. The cost of the purchased keywords can be reduced by improving the quality score of the keywords.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Office Pongal Festival

Pongal festival was held at Comodo India office on 13th of January.

The Pongal celebrations signaled the auspicious days for Comodo and brought much delight to the employees of Comodo. The delicious dishes served at the office awoke the taste buds of the employees. The function was well by Savitha and Dhanasekhar.

Read the Comodo Office Pongal celebrations by following the below furnished links:

1) Pongal Celebration
2 Office Pongal Celebrations

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Google Advertising Professional Exam Preparation

Google Adwords certification is a prestigious certification awarded by Google.

To adorn the GAP (Google Advertising Professional) status you have to clear the GAP exam conducted by Prometric. Clearing the examination alone is not enough to garland the GAP certificate, you are also required to spend a minumum of $1000 within 90 days of time after clearing the exam. My Client Centre (MCC) is mandatory to write the GAP exam. You would be asked to enter your MCC customer id while registering with Prometric.

Opening an MCC account is very simple, but please note that you have to sign up for an adwords account to open an MCC account. Opening an Adwords account is very easy, you just need to spend $5, no need to maintain any spend requirement after signing up for Adwords. Once you have signed up for Adwords click on the following link to sign up for MCC. Enter your user name and password into the respective boxes and that's it!! you have an MCC account now. Look out for your customer id on top right hand corner, copy it and render the same to Prometric to be eligible to write the GAP exam.

Now get fully prepared for the exam by accessing this link

The cost for writing the Adwords exam is $50, that is each time you take up the exam you have to pay $50(in case failure happens). You have to secure minimum of 75% marks to pass the exam. There would be little over 100 questions to answer with 1 hour and 30 minutes to think and choose your answers.

After you pass the examination you need to spend $1000 through your MCC account in 90 days time period. You can link the adwords accounts you maintain from your MCC account. After crossing the spend threshold of $1000 you would be witnessing the GAP certified logo in "Pro Centre"of your MCC account. Copy the url and head towards and submit your Google verification link. Your name would get stamped on as an Google Advertising Professional within seconds.

Google Adwords Certification Validity & Minimum Spend

Chat Correspondence with Adwords Representative

KamalChandran: I had passed the Google Advertising Professional exam on July 2006. I didn't spend $1000 through MCC account in order to receive the certification.

Anuradha R: Hello Kamal. Thanks for contacting Google AdWords. I'm happy to help you.

KamalChandran: Will I be able to get the certification, If I spend $1000 through my MCC account now.

KamalChandran: It is more than 2.5 years since I passed the GAP exam.

Anuradha R: The GAP certification is valid for 2 years, Kamal.

KamalChandran: please clarify on this in the best possible way!

KamalChandran: fine!

Anuradha R: So, if you have met the spend requirement, you can take the exam now.

Anuradha R: And become a GAP professional.

KamalChandran: your help file says "Build and maintain at least US$1,000 (or your local currency equivalent) total spend for your or your team's My Client Center account during the 90-day period. "

KamalChandran: In case I pass the exam now without spending $1000, should I manage and spend $1000 in an adwords account within 90 days of time?

Anuradha R: Yes.

Anuradha R: There are 2 requirements.

Anuradha R: One is the spend, for the last 90 days, and the other is a pass in the exam.

Anuradha R: Both have to be valid at the same time, then you will get the logo.

KamalChandran: Anuradha, I did clear the adwords exam way back in 2006 but did not spend $1000 through MCC account. Now I have a chance to spend $1000 in a single day!

Anuradha R: Your 2006 exam, will not be valid at this time.

KamalChandran: can I get the "certified logo" in my MCC account by linking it to my company adwords account.

Anuradha R: You will get the logo only if you meet both the criteria.

Anuradha R: I will give you a link with more information.

KamalChandran: that means within 2 years I should spend the $1000 to receive the certified logo. Am I right here?

Anuradha R: No you should spend the 1000 dollars over 90 days, concurrently.

Anuradha R: So the spend that is taken into account today for example, will be 90 days before today.

Anuradha R: I hope I have clarifired this.

Anuradha R: Please hold.

KamalChandran: sure.

Anuradha R: GAP requirements