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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Google Adwords Certification Validity & Minimum Spend

Chat Correspondence with Adwords Representative

KamalChandran: I had passed the Google Advertising Professional exam on July 2006. I didn't spend $1000 through MCC account in order to receive the certification.

Anuradha R: Hello Kamal. Thanks for contacting Google AdWords. I'm happy to help you.

KamalChandran: Will I be able to get the certification, If I spend $1000 through my MCC account now.

KamalChandran: It is more than 2.5 years since I passed the GAP exam.

Anuradha R: The GAP certification is valid for 2 years, Kamal.

KamalChandran: please clarify on this in the best possible way!

KamalChandran: fine!

Anuradha R: So, if you have met the spend requirement, you can take the exam now.

Anuradha R: And become a GAP professional.

KamalChandran: your help file says "Build and maintain at least US$1,000 (or your local currency equivalent) total spend for your or your team's My Client Center account during the 90-day period. "

KamalChandran: In case I pass the exam now without spending $1000, should I manage and spend $1000 in an adwords account within 90 days of time?

Anuradha R: Yes.

Anuradha R: There are 2 requirements.

Anuradha R: One is the spend, for the last 90 days, and the other is a pass in the exam.

Anuradha R: Both have to be valid at the same time, then you will get the logo.

KamalChandran: Anuradha, I did clear the adwords exam way back in 2006 but did not spend $1000 through MCC account. Now I have a chance to spend $1000 in a single day!

Anuradha R: Your 2006 exam, will not be valid at this time.

KamalChandran: can I get the "certified logo" in my MCC account by linking it to my company adwords account.

Anuradha R: You will get the logo only if you meet both the criteria.

Anuradha R: I will give you a link with more information.

KamalChandran: that means within 2 years I should spend the $1000 to receive the certified logo. Am I right here?

Anuradha R: No you should spend the 1000 dollars over 90 days, concurrently.

Anuradha R: So the spend that is taken into account today for example, will be 90 days before today.

Anuradha R: I hope I have clarifired this.

Anuradha R: Please hold.

KamalChandran: sure.

Anuradha R: GAP requirements