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Friday, June 27, 2008

Free Google Traffic Estimator Tool

Hail the Google Traffic Estimator Tool for the kind of worthy traffic information it can provide you.

If you are thinking of adding new keywords to your Adwords account, the foremost question that can bother you is "how will my new keywords perform." Google has the answers for every question and they have got the answer for this too, not a surprise right. Yeah!

Traffic estimator tool can provide you indepth insights about "how the keywords will perform when added to the Adwords account." Have assembled the ready made traffic info this tool can provide you below.

1)Search volume of the keywords
2)Estimated Avg. CPC
3)Estimated Ad positions
4)Estimated clicks per day
5)Estimated cost per day

The inputs you would need to submit to the traffic estimator tool to get the traffic details are listed below.

Please enter one per line
2)Choose a currency
By default it will be in US dollars. If you would like to enter you Max cpc enter in the respective field or leave it blank. Google will provide you estimates based on their choice of CPC.
3)Choose daily budgetFiil in your daily budget or leave it blank.
4)Select targetingChoose you language and location to advertise your products. You have done the required work from your side, google will render you the traffic details I mentioned above.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yahoo to Show Google Adwords Ads!

Yahoo has struck a deal with google to display google adwords ads on in its search engine.

Google will supply "AdSense for search" and "AdSense for content" ads to Yahoo's U.S. and Canadian web properties. This deal is estimated to fetch Yahoo $800 million annual revenue opportunity. Yahoo president "Sue Decker" emphasized that this was largely about "the tail" – showing ads where Yahoo doesn't have inventory. It basically makes Google "backfill" for Yahoo.

Benefits for Consumers, Advertisers and Yahoo Publishers:

Consumers can have access to more relevant ads for their queries.

Advertisers can now hope to gain more traffic and conversions by having their ads on Yahoo network.

Yahoo! Publisher Network publishers are going to be benefitted a lot. They have a precious opportunity to make money by running google ads on their websites.

You have to wait for 3 and a half months time to see the LIVE action while the U.S. Department of Justice time will be reviewing the arrangement between Google and Yahoo.

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