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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Free PPC Landing Pages Finder Tool- Google Search-based Keyword Tool

Choosing and setting the right landing pages for the PPC keywords is highly indispensable for obtaining more customers and enhancing Adwords Quality score.

All the keyword suggestion tools out there in the market have got the capacity to produce the keywords with high search volume. Even then you are required to do some extra bit of work while handling PPC marketing. The extra work is to find the relevant landing pages for the keywords. Incorrecly identified and set landing pages would only lead to higher customer attrition rate and end up in a low Quality score.

The introduction of Google Search-based keyword tool wipes away all the worries encountered while attempting to find right landing pages for the keywords selected. Just input the website URL in the Search-based keyword tool it will gift you the high search volume keywords picked from your website content and adjacent to eack keywohds it would show you the landing pages that can be targeted for the keywords.

Initially this tool was available only to US and UK. Only April 21st 2009 the usage of Search-based keyword tool was made available in the following countries viz. Australia, Canada, China, Japan, and New Zealand. Below are some of the new features announced.

1)Filter results according to countries and language.
2)Filter by Ad Share and Search Share,.

Link to Search-based Keyword tool.

Search-based keywords tool is helpful even to non-Adwords advertisers.