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Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Site Ranks First in Google, A Blog Site Created for Participation in SEO Contest

I have created a blog site for being part of an SEO contest.

Here is the link My Site Ranks First in Google.

Google AdWords Certification Program Exams | Google Adwords Certified Professional India Chennai

I have cleared the Google AdWords Certification Program. Thanks to Google for giving the voucher codes to write the two exams freely, otherwise I would have to spent $100 to take up the exams.

I wrote the fundamental exam few months back only to get failed even after scoring 82%. The minimum amount of score percentage to pass the exam is 85%. At that time I spent $50 from my pocket to attempt the exam. After a month I got an email from Google saying we will give you 6 months of time to use the free voucher code to write the exam and to retain your Adwords professional status. I relished after reading the email and thought of giving a second try in the near future before the end of six months time.

Wrote the fundamental exam on September 14 and cleared it with 87%. It was really a big sigh of relief. Did show the courage of writing the second exam; Search Advertising Advanced and cleared it with just 80%. It was a joyous moment, firstly because I have passed the exam, secondly I need not shell a penny from my pocket for another one year to write the exam, thirdly because I wrote the exam free of cost.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Adwords Billing Page Adorns a New Look | Payment Process Simplified

Adwords billing page adorns a new look with great features that simply the payment process. As of now this new feature is open to only U.S advertisers. This feature is still in the beta version and has the scope for further improvement.

Also, there are few changes in the terminologies. Post Pay, Pre Pay and Direct debit get new names.. Read More New Adwords Billing Interface

Reducing the CTR to Improve ROI ?

It would be strange to hear from me on 'Reducing the CTR' of your Adwords keywords. The reality says reducing the CTR is a wise move... okay.. before you start calling me good names, I will break the suspense.

B2B keywords are costlier than B2C keywords. The average amount needed to pay for a click is between $2.70 & $3 according to Marketing Sherpa’s 2006 benchmark report. In highly competitive B2B segments the marketers pay anywhere between $16 to $50. Increasing the CTR alone without increasing the conversions is a not a wise move..right?

Hence the ads for B2B have to be more precise and specific by having all sorts of information to make sure to pre-qualify the persons clicking on the ad. This will ensure high Return on Investment even though the quality score is less. Because of low quality score your ads will be pushed down, although, your ROI will be growing leaps and bound.

Weeding out unwanted clicks is best practice for both B2B and B2C products / services.  In this case of B2B ads marketers have to sacrifice their CTR to pre-qualify the clickers.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Google Adwords Promo Code , Activation Fee & Limited Time / Expiration Date to Spend the Amount

You got a worthy promo code from Google for Adwords.. First of all Congrats for receiving this!

To spend the amount offered you ought to pay the activation fee $5 and please also note that you have to burn the amount in a limited time period. Lot of people do the mistake of spending a small sum daily, by doing this you may quickly reach the limited time period and never ever you will be able to spend the full offered amount.

So once you receive the coupon please spend the amount within 10 days of time to fully utilize the offer extended.

From the horse mouth (Google)
  • Once the promotion code amount is used up, we'll continue serving your ads and will start charging the form of payment you provided.
  • The promotion code does not apply to the activation fee.
  • An expiration date often applies, so keep in mind that you only have a certain amount of time to redeem your credit.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Google Advertising Professional Exam, Google Advertising Fundamental Exam, Adwords Exam Preparation Guide

Preparing for Google Adwords Exam to become a Google Advertising Professional? Not able to get sufficient information on the process and procedure or on the learning part. Try reading this.

What is the exam name?
Google Advertising Fundamental Exam [(Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam fulfills one of the requirements to become a Qualified Google Advertising Professional (we will have three advanced exams launching soon)]
Is there any help files that could assist me in preparing for the exams?

Where can I write the exam?

What is the cost to write the exam?
$50 - One time

What are the requirements to write the exam?
-Pay $50
-Fetch the Candidate Id by logging into Google Advertising Professional account (
-Download the test browser from
-My Client Center account

How many questions will be here?

What is the exam duration?

Can I pause the exam while writing?

Can I modify my answers in-between?

Can I refer to any help files while writing the exam?
No. You will not be allowed to open any new browser window while writing the test, hence no chance of looking for answers.

What is the passing score?

What you get after passing the exam?
Google Advertising Professional status and certification in the form of a logo. Highly Valued Recognition!

Do I need to spend anything on Adwords to get the status?
Yes, you are required to spend $1000 in three months of time, from the time of your passing. Don't worry you need not spend it from your pocket, you can very well link the adwords account you manage from your MCC account.At present Google gives you 20 coupons once you pass the exam, each equivalent to $100. If you don't manage client account just spend half the amount Google gives you, this is more than enough to get the Google Advertising Professional certification and status.

An Important step to follow is LINKING MCC account to Google Advertising Professional account!

Create a company profile and link to your MCC account from This will help Google to ensure you spend the required $1000 in three months of time.