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Monday, June 7, 2010

Reducing the CTR to Improve ROI ?

It would be strange to hear from me on 'Reducing the CTR' of your Adwords keywords. The reality says reducing the CTR is a wise move... okay.. before you start calling me good names, I will break the suspense.

B2B keywords are costlier than B2C keywords. The average amount needed to pay for a click is between $2.70 & $3 according to Marketing Sherpa’s 2006 benchmark report. In highly competitive B2B segments the marketers pay anywhere between $16 to $50. Increasing the CTR alone without increasing the conversions is a not a wise move..right?

Hence the ads for B2B have to be more precise and specific by having all sorts of information to make sure to pre-qualify the persons clicking on the ad. This will ensure high Return on Investment even though the quality score is less. Because of low quality score your ads will be pushed down, although, your ROI will be growing leaps and bound.

Weeding out unwanted clicks is best practice for both B2B and B2C products / services.  In this case of B2B ads marketers have to sacrifice their CTR to pre-qualify the clickers.


CTR is an important aspect for pay per click advertising . Your blog has a great source of information on PPC and Adwords, thank you!