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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Google Advertising Professional Exam, Google Advertising Fundamental Exam, Adwords Exam Preparation Guide

Preparing for Google Adwords Exam to become a Google Advertising Professional? Not able to get sufficient information on the process and procedure or on the learning part. Try reading this.

What is the exam name?

Google Advertising Fundamental Exam [(Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam fulfills one of the requirements to become a Qualified Google Advertising Professional (we will have three advanced exams launching soon)]
Is there any help files that could assist me in preparing for the exams?

Where can I write the exam?

What is the cost to write the exam?
$50 - One time

What are the requirements to write the exam?
-Pay $50
-Fetch the Candidate Id by logging into Google Advertising Professional account (
-Download the test browser from
-My Client Center account

How many questions will be here?

What is the exam duration?

Can I pause the exam while writing?

Can I modify my answers in-between?

Can I refer to any help files while writing the exam?
No. You will not be allowed to open any new browser window while writing the test, hence no chance of looking for answers.

What is the passing score?

What you get after passing the exam?
Google Advertising Professional status and certification in the form of a logo. Highly Valued Recognition!

Do I need to spend anything on Adwords to get the status?
Yes, you are required to spend $1000 in three months of time, from the time of your passing. Don't worry you need not spend it from your pocket, you can very well link the adwords account you manage from your MCC account.At present Google gives you 20 coupons once you pass the exam, each equivalent to $100. If you don't manage client account just spend half the amount Google gives you, this is more than enough to get the Google Advertising Professional certification and status.

An Important step to follow is LINKING MCC account to Google Advertising Professional account!

Create a company profile and link to your MCC account from This will help Google to ensure you spend the required $1000 in three months of time.


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