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Friday, June 13, 2008

The Invent of PPC Model

GoTo is the first search engine to introduce PPC (Pay Per Click)model in 1998. GoTo began generating revenue from the new patented technology. Advertisers can select their top keywords and then can bid for those keywords in a an auction style.

Overture took over GoTo and the PPC product was renamed as Overture PPC(Pay Per Click). The type of bidding Overture was allowing prompted the advertisers to end up in a bidding war. Advertisers can know how much their competitors are bidding for a particular keyword or keyword phrase while using the overture search suggestion tool. Knowing the bids of the competitors and to overtake them in the position advertisers bid more or equal to their competitors bid. Equal bidding was enough to take the customers ad position above the competitors ad. Now the big giant second only to google, purchased overture and renamed the PPC product as "Yahoo Search marketing."

With the acquisition of Yahoo the advertisers are no more able to know about the bidding of the competitors. Yahoo copied this feature from google PPC product called "Adwords." Google adwords was lauched on early 2002.

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