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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fairer Quality Score Improvements

Google has launched the two Quality Score amendments which I wrote in my earlier post. This improvement paves way to assess accurate quality of ads and an opportunity for your adcopies to reach the yellow region.

I have summarized below all the recent quality score updates.

1)Removal of adposition criteria while figuring out the CTR.

2)Enabling adcopies to jump above another ad copy having low QS to get displayed in the yellow area above the search results.

3) Dynamic Quality score replaces static Quality score.

The ads will be evaluated each time it appears on google search network. This very much depends on the geographic location where the adcopies are served. Ads are most likely to appear when they are relevant and may not appear when they are not relevant.

4)No "inactive for search" status for keywords.

You will not witness "inactive for search" status in Adwords account anymore. The keywords which were labelled as "inactive for search" may not trigger your adcopies since the quality threshold is low.

5)Minimum bid is replaced with "First page bid."

There won't be minimum bid for keywords hereafter. "First page bid" takes the place of minimum bid and it is just an estimate of keyword bid that is required to list you in the firstpage. Please note that the "First page bid" is based on exact match.

Value added Changes win the trust of customers. Google has understood this concept better than any one.


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