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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Placement Targeted Feature in Keyword Targeted Content Network

Google has included Placement targeted feature in Keyword targeted content network.

This feature means a lot to the advertisers. The benefits include saving time in creation of placement targeted campaign and on top of that advertisers willing to target a specific site can easily go that in the content network of a keyword targeted campaign.

Earlier this feature was unavailable to google advertisers. As an advertiser I wanted to target a specific site through keyword targeted content network rather than creating a placement targeted campaign and targeting specific websites. It would be a dull process for me to check the clicks and conversions by going into the campaign, now I can save time, you know.

Today morning I added couple of websites through Keyword targeted content network. I selected an Adgroup for this, clicked on the Adgroup, by default I was taken to placement targted tab/page. I had selected all languages for the whole campaign earlier, the message displayed guided me to opt for the languages supported in placement targeted network. I selected just English language in the campaign settings, in jiffy the placement targeted setting page came in front of me. I chose few sites to be targeted, entered a bid and clicked on save button. Immediately I saw the websites chosen in the placement targeted tab/page.

Google Explains here:Use keywords and placements together on the content network

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