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Monday, July 14, 2008

Google Adwords Campaign Management

Google Adwords is a pay per click product from search engine giant Google.

There are two ways to get into Google search engine results pages. One way is by securing a place in organic listing through seach engine optimization(SEO). This could be a difficult task if you aim to get listed for high competition keywords within a few months of time. The easiest channel to get inside google search pages are 'Adwords,' it is a blessing to advertisers from the search engine giant Google. Not only you get a chance to advertise in Google SERPs but also in its Search partners sites and vast growing content network.

It takes only $5 to sign up Google Adwords. Are you worrying about the daily spend, no need to worry on that. There is no such daily spend needed to keep your account LIVE.

Are you curious to know how to set up your advertising campaign. I am sure you are:-) Please read the below guidelines.

Once you login inside the Adwords account you would witness a campaign summary page. Look out for a "create a new campaign". Near that there would be 'keyword targeted' and 'placement targeted' campaign options. Opting for 'keyword targeted' campaign will faciliate creation of campaigns targeting Google search and Google content network. Opting for 'keyword 'placement targeted' campaign will allow you to create campaigns targeting Google content network by choosing websites selectively.

Steps to create keyword targeted campaign:

1)Click on Create 'keyword targeted' campaign

2)Fill in the name of your campaign.

3)Name your Adgroup

4)Select your language

5)Select your location

6)Create yor Ad copy

7)Choose your keywords, don't miss to use the 'Want more?' option in the keyword tool

8)Specify your daily budget( don't worry about this, if you don't want to spend on any day just pause your campaign)

9)Input Maximum Cost-Per-Click(CPC) bid. Make use of the traffic estimator in this page to find out the possibilty of clicks you can receive by entering Max cpc & daily budget)

10)Click on the 'save button.'

The campaign is ready now. It is simple, right:-)

Similarly you can create your 'placement targeted' campaign by selecting the websites you would like to advertise on 'Google content network.'

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